Science Performer, Writer and Maker

Understanding our world through science is intriguing, inspiring and often humorous; I believe science is for everyone to explore and enjoy, a journey filled with amazing inventions, awesome individuals and fantastic and fiery showstopping demonstrations.

If you need an engaging and fun presenter, an intriguing machine constructed, or support and advice with an unusual project then get in contact and see how I can help.

Science Performer

Are you looking for science demonstrations to liven up your event, a fun filled science performance, or an engaging speaker for your function?

  • Science talks
  • School shows
  • STEM workshops
  • Demonstrations at events
  • Video presentation
Natasha ignites a cloud of flour from a funnel.

Natasha performs to audiences in the UK and abroad at festivals, schools, museums and theatres. She brings humour and fun to the stage for adult, school and family audiences: delivering fire filled science shows, educational workshops, and STEM careers talks.

Natasha develops and presents content for YouTube. In this video she presents the science behind one of the props she built for the 2017 Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution.

As well as developing and performing her own shows and workshops, she has written and trained presenters on shows and workshops for the Science Museum and The Royal Institution.

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Consultation and Training

Would you like to improve a presentation or programme you are delivering, brush up on your presentation skills or improve your delivery of demonstrations?

  • Presentation training
  • Demonstration consultation
  • Programme development

Natasha has consulted on education programmes with the National Schools Partnership, trained researchers, STEM professionals and teachers in presentation skills, and trained presenters to deliver science shows and demonstrations.

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Bespoke Commissions

Are you looking for something individual and captivating for an exhibition, show or installation you are involved in?

Natasha has designed and built props and machines for science television, online and for travelling science stage shows. She has recently created a valley shaped planter for The Genetics Society at the Edinburgh Festival 2018.

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Unusual Projects

Maybe you or your organisation wants to try something large, unusual or just plain bizarre.

Natasha has coordinated and contributed to numerous large scale and unusual projects. She helped break a world record with one of the largest ever lemon batteries, designed and coordinated a Rube Goldberg machine that ran throughout The Royal Institution and suspended a 10m spiral tube for glowing chemicals from the ceiling of the Faraday Lecture Theatre.

She has managed the unusual on and offstage requirements of working with unpredictable props, farm animals and children.

She has also sent many Mentos to a sticky end in the name of science.

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